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Construction site security

Optimal building site security with camera surveillance

Theft, vandalism, burglary and other incidents costs millions in damage to the construction industry every year. Here you can think of property loss such as stolen or damaged machinery or building materials. Construction projects are often implemented at locations that are unprotected, isolated or difficult to close off. This makes it easy for thieves to ransack such a site for building materials. Copper, iron and other metals that are often found on building sites are lucrative materials for thieves to steal.

Over and above material damage, your construction project’s progress may also be endangered. Construction may be temporarily halted, and not meeting important deadlines may result in a lot of extra work and red tape. It can also be very expensive. You can prevent a lot of damage and avoid needless setbacks by properly securing your building site and your valuable materials.

Tailored solutions

We offer several innovative mobile camera surveillance systems so we always have the perfect solution for every situation. From the building of a single structure to extensive new housing developments, we offer a tailor-made solution for every project and every construction phase.

Our advanced security cameras include fixed and wireless detectors. They make camera surveillance and burglary prevention on large and complex sites easier than ever before. Is your construction site in an urban or residential area? We can minimise any nuisance to the public by using infrared light. Even if your construction site lacks the right power supply, we have a solution for this as well. In short: with the support of our Kooi Alarm Centre, we offer optimal building site security without having to deploy unnecessary manpower to the site.

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