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Building Amsterdam

of the future

In the scope of shaping Amsterdam’s future, a new man-made island is being constructed in the IJlake adjacent to the existing IJburg islands in Amsterdam. The island is being constructed in order to create land on which new housing will be built. Almost 9 million cubic metres of sand will be sprayed onto the island to create no less than 82 hectares of land.

The focus is not only on building new housing, but also on creating an island that will support a nature reserve of more than 3 hectares, including a reed landscape and a mussel bed.

We keep an eye out on your site

Kooi has four UFOs at the location, where the sand is being sprayed. Two UFOs on the mainland and two UFOs mounted on the boat to guard the site. The IJburg partnership chose Kooi to take care of their security concerns. The fact that Kooi responds to alarms immediately and Kooi’s transparent weekly charge were the biggest reasons for the IJburg partnership choosing Kooi.

We also assist by monitoring this project’s development process based on our expertise in the field of site design, surveillance and related compliance. We create secure places that our customers can leave in our care with peace of mind. Places where unauthorised persons are kept out. So that customers can continue their work the next day.

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