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Dépôt Zuid's historic building, once designed by Jacot & Oldewelt as an office and warehouse and later used as the Rijksmuseum's art storage facility, is now ready for its transformation into 18 exceptionally luxurious loft apartments including a parking basement. The project is located in the heart of Amsterdam Oud-Zuid.

The fact that the three street facades have been stabilized and preserved, after which the entire interior construction has been removed, gives a special detail to this project. Following this, the basement will be created, just like the new inner construction to which the facade will be reconnected.

“At the end of the working day, I leave it up to Kooi. I don't get any phone calls in the evening. Should there be an incident, this has already been dealt with by Kooi. In my mailbox, I can find an extensive report of the actions carried out combined with clear visual material”
Richard Voortman, Projectleider, Akor

We keep an eye on your site

During this transformation, Kooi watches over the building site. Without endangering anyone, we analyse the situation remotely with our camera security systems which are connected 24/7 to our PAC-certified Kooi Alarm Center. We do this to prevent the theft of valuable building materials and to keep unwanted visitors off the site.

In this way, we monitor development processes with our expertise in the field of site design, surveillance and related follow-up. We create places that you can leave behind with peace of mind. Places where no one should be looking for anything. So the work can continue the following day.

Do you want to know the security level of your location? 

Are you curious about how secure your location is? We would be happy to perform a free security check for you. We will determine what is necessary to fully secure your project site using temporary and mobile camera surveillance.