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Prevent fire and heat formation in waste storage

After an extensive and careful process, Attero chose Kooi’s RED (Rising Early Detection) to prevent fire and heat formation in its waste storage facilities. The most important reason was Kooi’s Alarm Centre, a specialised control room that analyses and verifies alarms, after which the agreed protocol comes into effect.

And with success! Several incidents were detected early. Attero was able to take action quickly, and fires were prevented as a result. This is a good example of RED’s effectiveness.


This makes RED unique

  • Mobile or fixed solution, easy to install
  • 360-degree camera with coverage of 70,000 m2
  • Detection per zone, based on trend analysis
  • Expert team at Kooi’s Alarm Centre
  • 24/7-live monitoring via personal portal
  • Autonomous solution, including internet
  • The customer is always the first to be notified of a fire risk

Maximum peace of mind with trend analysis detection

Kooi supports the waste processing process using its expertise in the field of heat detection systems. RED (Rising Early Detection) is a very reliable heat detection system that identifies and reports potential fire risks. RED accurately analyses changes in temperature at the waste disposal sites using trend analysis. Furthermore, Kooi’s 360-degree camera system monitors the sites 24/7, so that our PAC-certified Kooi Alarm Centre can always maintain a watchful eye. When a dangerous situation arises, the customer is always the first to know.

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