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The Afsluitdijk has been protecting us from the force of the water for almost 90 years. As the sea level rises, we will increasingly have to deal with extreme weather in the future. As a result, more and more excess water flows into the IJsselmeer lake from inland waters. Rijkswaterstaat will increase water safety by strengthening the Afsluitdijk and the floodgates.

In the years ahead Rijkswaterstaat and the New Afsluitdijk will make the floodgates ready for the future. The Afsluitdijk will be raised and given a new top layer. 75,000 ultramodern blocks will be placed, each weighing about 6.5 thousand kilos. The blocks break the waves when there is a strong storm. They are designed in such a way that the appearance of spectacular simplicity is preserved on the Afsluitdijk. Finally, the floodgates are reinforced, which increases the capacity to discharge water into the Wadden Sea.

We keep an eye on your site

Rijkswaterstaat is working with the Levvel de Afsluitdijk consortium on this project. The consortium consists of Van Oord Aberdeen Infrastructure Partners, BAM PPP PGGM Infrastructure and Rebel. Levvel is designing, building and financing the reinforcement of the Afsluitdijk. Levvel is also responsible for maintenance for the next 25 years.

Kooi secures the building site to prevent damage to objects and construction sites, both material and immaterial and to keep unwanted visitors off the site. This allows the builders of our future to focus on the progress of the project. Without endangering anyone, we analyse the situation remotely with our camera security systems that are connected 24/7 to our PAC-certified Kooi Alarm Center.

In this way, we monitor development processes with our expertise in the field of site design, surveillance and related follow-up. We create places that you can leave behind with peace of mind. Places where no one should be looking for anything. So, the work can continue the following day.