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Innovating CCTV monitoring with the Kooi Alarm Centre

Remote CCTV monitoring is an efficient security aid to deter trespassers. We provide a professional service, with our Kooi Alarm Centre. The 24/7 control room is always fully-manned by our security specialists. We use UFO’s (units for observation) for the remote viewing of your terrain or special cameras for early fire detection.

The virtual guard services provide round-the-clock full monitoring of the incoming footage. Our state-of-the-art CCTV monitoring system delivers sharp images to our security personnel. Moreover, the infrared technology of the cameras makes it possible to spot unwanted guests even when it’s dark. If an intruder or fire is detected by our system, a notification is sent to our control room. We can deliver various levels of response, depending on the severity of the situation. Contact us to learn more about remote CCTV monitoring!

Innovative CCTV monitoring
Remote viewing CCTV tower monitoring

Our CCTV monitoring System provides complete service

With our CCTV monitoring service you are guaranteed of professional security 24 hours a day. You’ll sleep better, knowing that your property is watched by professional security specialists when you’re not around. Our remote viewing CCTV towers work with motion detection, which will send a notification to our fully manned Alarm Centre.

Due to the round-the-clock monitoring, our personnel at the control room can easily detect unwanted situations in time. Rapid response is an important factor in deterring criminals. When our virtual guard system spots a trespasser, our security guards will activate the lights, siren and the speakers. Mostly this is sufficient to deter any unwanted guests, without calling emergency services. Give us a call to request information about our CCTV monitoring service.

Round-the-clock monitoring with our remote CCTV

A good connection between our virtual security guard and the CCTV monitoring is a crucial factor in the professional surveillance of your property. Our remote CCTV is equipped with a wireless 4G connection. We are responsible for this connection, because it must be steady at all times.

Our security specialists at CCTV remote monitoring prefer an available power source. If this isn’t available at your property we can provide alternative energy sources, such as a solar power unit that works through sunlight, a power box that functions like an aggregate or a hybrid power box which provides a stable energy supply at all times. If you want to know which power supply is suitable for your terrain, you can request a security check.

Solar powered CCTV remote monitoring
Benefits of remote CCTV monitoring

What are the benefits of our CCTV monitoring?

When you choose our remote CCTV monitoring, you will benefit from various advantages. We’ve listed the most important properties of our monitoring service for you:

  • Razor sharp footage for proper assessment;
  • Detailed incident reports, accepted by insurance companies;
  • No additional costs when police action is required;
  • Reduced costs, compared to physical security guards;
  • Round-the-clock remote camera monitoring;
  • Expert service, personal contact;
  • International specialist;
  • PAC certified, according to the European standard EN50518.

When you choose our monitoring services you not only opt for high-quality technology, but also for expert follow-up. Our personnel at CCTV monitoring is specialised to analyse incidents, such as theft and vandalism. We are happy to advise you about the possibilities.

Control room with remote CCTV monitoring and early fire detection

Our virtual guard service is used for construction site security, wind farms, solar parks, vacant properties and other sites. The cameras provide perfect footage, even without daylight. We also rent out early Fire Detection (RED). The RED detects rising temperatures, which prevents fires. This is especially useful for waste disposal and recycling companies.

Our specialists can provide direct follow-up from the control room. For example, by calling in security guards, the police or the fire brigade. Any costs for follow-up are at our expense, because this is included in our service. Do you want to know more about the costs of remote CCTV monitoring? You can request a free quote customized to your needs.

Early fire detection monitoring
Virtual guard services

Save on your security with our virtual guard services

Many entrepreneurs think that a virtual guard is an prohibitive service. However, CCTV monitoring has become an attractive alternative to the traditional guarding system. It is more accessible due to our cost-efficient way of work.

Although the area is monitored 24 hours a day with CCTV monitoring, the costs are significantly less than a traditional security guard. The costs depend on your personal wishes regarding surveillance. Request an non-binding offer to learn more about the costs.

Initiate your remote security with CCTV monitoring

We want to take the security to the next level. Let us carry out a free safety check to determine what is needed for your premise. In addition, you can always count on personal contact when you choose Kooi as your remote monitoring service.

We offer high-quality security solutions, to assure rest at night. Our virtual guard minimizes the need for traditional security. Moreover, we reduce the risk of financial damage due to theft or vandalism.  Contact us directly to initiate your remote CCTV monitoring.

Remote security with camera monitoring

Frequently asked questions

Is CCTV monitoring more expensive than traditional security?

We can assure you that remote monitoring is less expensive than traditional manned guarding. Innovative techniques make it possible to monitor a large area remotely. Emergency services are only deployed in extreme cases.

How is my security devise connected to the Alarm Center?

The security camera is connected to our CCTV monitoring through a wireless 4G connection. This ensures that we can watch your property 24 hours a day.

What are the benefits of remote  viewing CCTV?

Your site is monitored throughout the day. This allows us to take action quickly, but you can also use the images for insurance issues. Our employees prepare an extensive report in case of an incident.

Is remote monitoring sufficient to deter trespassers?

The remote viewing CCTV towers come with built-in sirens, lights and speakers. We can activate the system remotely. In most cases this has been proven effective to scare off unwanted guests.

Can I get access to the camera footage?

Our staff at the emergency center monitors the incoming images. In case of the early fire detection, you can watch live images with a personal portal.

In which countries is CCTV monitoring available?

We offer our security services throughout Europe. We have offices in the Netherlands, Germany, France, the UK, Spain and the Scandinavian countries. We are an international player in the field of CCTV monitoring.

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24/7 surveillance
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Inhouse engineering
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