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Direct follow-up with our CCTV Tower

With our CCTV Tower we professionally secure every terrain from a distance. We deliver and install innovative mobile and rapid deployable security systems, which offer crisp images day and night. Our rapid deployment CCTV tower can be fully-operational within one hour.

The security footage is monitored 24 hours a day. In most cases, the built-in siren and speaker is sufficient to secure the premise and deter trespassers. If necessary, we contact the police or your security guards. No extra costs are charged.

The mobile CCTV tower has an extendable mast up to 6 meters, which enables us to cover an area up to 30,000m2. The camera has built-in infrared vision that makes it possible to spot intruders in the dark. In addition, this type of security is more effective and less costly than traditional security, like guards. Our expert staff will be happy to advise you on the possibilities of temporary CCTV.

Rapid deployable CCTV Tower
Mobile CCTV Tower

Secure your property with our mobile CCTV tower

A CCTV tower enables us to supervise your property remotely. Take your site security a step further and prevent potential theft or crime with our innovative camera system.

The benefits of CCTV are considerable, such as:

  • Razor-sharp images;
  • Infrared for night vision;
  • Siren and speaker system to deter intruders;
  • 4G connection with the emergency centre;
  • Power supply included.

The possibilities of surveillance cameras are substantial. One of the great advantages is the flexibility of the towers - they can be placed on different terrain types. Would you like to know how we can secure your site? Request a free security check to determine the right place for your mobile CCTV tower.

Our rapid deployment CCTV towers connected to the Kooi Alarm Centre

The installation of a CCTV tower alone is not sufficient to prevent crimes such as vandalism. The recorded images must be monitored to enable us to do something about unwanted situations. Our 4G CCTV cameras contain a wireless connection to our own Alarm Centre.

Our safety specialist will take care of any suspicious circumstances. The personnel at CCTV Monitoring will contact the police or security personnel immediately if needed. Due to the built-in sirens and speakers of our CCTV towers, it’s usually unnecessary to contact emergency services. The unexpected sound scares most intruders away. When they refuse to leave, we provide immediate follow-up without additional costs. If you want to know more about our services, you can contact our specialists to get more information about our redeployable CCTV Tower

4G CCTV Camera monitoring
CCTV tower security for insurance

CCTV towers with correct insurance certificates

The theft of expensive machinery and tools can lead to severe financial losses. The same counts for damage by vandalism. Most insurance companies are reluctant to cover the losses without proof of sufficient security measures.

Secure your construction site, business terrain, solar, wind farms and more with our innovative CCTV tower. Our service isn’t limited to the optimal security of your site, we also deliver comprehensive reports when an incident has taken place.

Insurance companies demand certain requirements before they cover the financial damage. Would you like to know if our product has the right certificates for your insurance company? Request a free consultation with one of our security experts.

Solar powered rapid deployment CCTV Tower

If you decide to hire a temporary CCTV from Kooi, you need a suitable power source for your tower. If your location is not equipped with an appropriate power supply, we offer you a solution.

Kooi’s powerbox is suitable for every conceivable location, where there’s no connection to the mains. It’s a soloution that generates enough energy to power your mobile CCTV tower. Do the circumstance not allow you to use this power source? Choose the Solar Power Unit for a 100% green solution. In the right weather conditions this solar energy supply provides the necessary amount of electricity for your rapid deployment CCTV tower. Our Hybrid powerbox combines the qualities of the other energy sources. It works with solar panels, but switches to a low-noise generator when there is lack of sunshine.

We map out your specific power needs and offer you a tailor-made solution. Are you wondering about the costs? Let our employees prepare a quotation

Solar powerd CCTV Tower
Maintenance for your mobile CCTV Tower

Included maintenance and updates for mobile CCTV towers

We are responsible for the maintenance of the mobile CCTV tower. Periodic maintenance is carried out by our service department, both at the project location and at our storage for major maintenance.

Moreover, we will make sure that our systems are always up and running. We find it important that everything works properly. That’s why we continually check the operation of the device.

We ensure that your CCTV Tower is up to date and configured to your specific needs. In addition, we receive a notification when there are problems like connection issues, camera failures, recording issues and hard disk failure. This allows us to take action immediately and solve the malfunction.

We offer high-quality security throughout Europe

From the moment we developed the redeployable CCTV tower, our company has grown into an international player in the field of security. We’ve expanded our employment through Europe and have offices in the Netherlands, Germany, France, the UK, Spain and the Scandinavian countries.

Our equipment is state-of-the-art. We strive to keep advancing our technology, while minimising the need of manpower. Don’t wake up anymore worrying about your property. Make sure you rest assured. Let us inform you about the possibilities and costs of a mobile CCTV tower.

Redoployable CCTV throughout Europe

Frequently asked questions


Do I need to pay extra for a direct follow-up?

We try to avoid calling in police or security, by using the alarm and/or the loudspeakers. We only call in the emergency services when there’s no other option. When that happens, you don’t have to pay extra.

What are the costs of mobile CCTV towers?

We would be happy to visit your terrain to perform a security check that determines what type of security is needed. We provide different types of UFO systems, each with its own specifications. The costs are determined by the size of the site and the personal wishes of the customer. We strive to keep your costs as low as possible, due to our efficient working method. It’s safe to say that a CCTV tower is considerably cheaper than traditional guarding systems.

Is a 4G CCTV camera tower suitable for every terrain?

Our security system is easy to install on any conceivable terrain. The portable CCTV tower enables you to move the tower to a different spot. In addition, the connection to the control room is wireless through the 4G network. The equipment can be supplied including a power supply, making almost any location suitable.

Will the temporary CCTV camera cause nuisance to the surrounding area?

Our cameras use infrared at night, so there is no light needed. Any necessary alarm or the use of the speaker may be audible in the environment. Due to our alarm centre, you don’t have to worry about false alarms. Our security team analyses incoming images. If nothing is wrong, a notification will be made which will be included in the report.

How long is the range of the rapid deployment CCTV?

One tower can cover an area up to 30,000 m2, which equals the size of 5 football pitches  When your property exceeds this range, you can choose to hire another system and connect them with each other.

Does the rapid deployment CCTV tower detect fire?

Our CCTV tower is not suited to detect a starting fire. We recommend our early fire detection for areas where there is high risk of fire.

How do I keep informed of incidents?

The security specialist of the CCTV Monitoring provide 24/7 professional surveillance of your terrain. When an incident occurs they will share a complete report with you about the camera footage from the CCTV tower. 

You are assured of

24/7 surveillance
24/7 surveillance
Kooi Alarm Center
Kooi Alarm Center
Plug & Play
Plug & Play
Inhouse engineering
Inhouse engineering
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Advice and site support
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