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Free UFO demonstration? Request it now!

When you request a free UFO demonstration a security specialist of Kooi will travel to your location with an UFO camerasurveillance system. The system will be explained in detail and all of your questions will be answered. The demonstration will take approximately 1,5 hours and you can invite as many people you want. 


A UFO demonstration includes:

  • Insight in how the UFO system works.

  • Insight in products and options in the UFO product range.

  • A security specialist which can answer all your security questions.


What can you expect?

  1. Fill out the application form.
  2. We will contact you by phone within one business day to make an appointment.
  3. A security expert will visit your location with a full UFO system.

Security Check FAQ

The most frequently asked questions about the free UFO demonstration:


What happens after I've filled out the form?

Our security expert will contact you within one business day to schedule an appointment. Do you still have another question? Feel free to get in touch with us.


Is the free UFO demonstration non-binding?

Absolutely. The security check is completely free of charge and non-binding.


Where will de demonstration be given?

The demonstration will be given at a location of your chooising. You can for example choose to organize the demonstration in the construction site you manage.


How quickly can I plan the UFO demonstration?

The appointment to visit the location is always arranged in good consultation. Is there an urgency? Please contact us and we will make it work. 


How long does the security check take?

An UFO demonstration usually takes around 1,5 hours depending on the specific questions you may have.