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Choosing Kooi’s camera surveillance is a smart move.  You don’t only get the best mobile surveillance camera system in the industry, but it also comes with an innovation that has customer convenience at heart – the 247kooi app!

The 247kooi app has extensive functionality that makes it unique in the industry. Not only can you watch the camera footage, but you can also alter your desired settings such as security times and reports, anytime you want, wherever you are. It’s all right at your fingertips! 

Watch camera footage remotely

Users of Kooi camera security can count on Kooi Alarm Center’s expert service. The Kooi Alarm Center autonomously activates response protocol to emergencies that sets in motion desired action at the location. But our service doesn’t stop there. We hear you and we understand your needs and wishes. That’s why we’ve innovated an app that gives you more access and direct control of your own security. With the 247kooi app you can see what’s going on at your projects.

The 247kooi app can be downloaded for iOS (Apple) and Android. Another feature of the app is a clear map showing the exact location of the UFOs deployed. It also has a desktop version for more ease of use.

Changing security times in the app

Being able to watch UFO (Units For Observation) camera footage anywhere in the world is, of course, a valuable functionality. And what makes Kooi app more unique are its other functionalities. For example, you can also easily alter your desired security times, and that means that you are always assured of a good night's sleep knowing that your security is exactly when you want it to be.

No more telephone calls, it’s all right at your fingertips! The changes that you make using the app is implemented real-time.

Reporting incidents

The Kooi Alarm Center responds to incidents remotely. The cameras are equipped with a loudspeaker and a siren. Whenever alerted, the trespassers vacate the premises immediately 99% of the time. Depending on the situation, a man-security or the local police may be activated for on-site intervention. The customer receives a detailed incident report right after. Users will find an overview of all incident reports in the 247kooi app inbox.

All in all, the app offers useful features that allows the customers to stay on top of things. This innovation is a valuable addition to Kooi's high-quality service that has the customer at its heart.

Download the 247kooi app now for Apple or Android

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