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Holidays 5 Tips

Are you responsible for the security of a site? Then you’ll probably not be able to enjoy the Christmas dinner if you don’t have your security in order. Theft, destruction and vandalism are common acts during the holidays. Criminals don't tend to wait for nice gifts, they seize every opportunity to help themselves. 

While many burglaries occur at home during the summer period, the main targets in the festive season are building sites, business parks and business premises. That’s why we would like to offer 5 tips in this blog to secure your site and start the festive season with peace of mind!

1: Think about what you have on your site

There are probably more valuables almost everywhere than you might think. Tools, construction machinery, building materials... You name it! Burglars will always find something of value. You should therefore always store your valuables securely (out of sight)! It’s extra important to make sure your security is in order if you’re going to leave your construction site or location for a while. It will save you a lot of hassle down the line.

2: Outsource your security to professionals

Burglars and other criminals are smarter than you think. They always come well prepared. Building a fence or properly locking the door is simply not enough. Building sites, storage sites and business premises are often remotely located, so there’s no social control. This is the ideal environment for vandalism and theft.

Our professionals at Kooi protect your company in a professional manner with hardly any extra demands on manpower. That’s because we work with advanced temporary mobile cameras. If an unauthorized or unwanted person is detected, the Kooi Alarm Center immediately conducts a sharp analysis. If necessary, suitable action is then taken; for example, activating a siren, sending out security personnel or calling the police.

3: Let our cameras keep an eye on things

Kooi works with UFOs (Unit For Observation). UFOs are mobile camera units. The cameras provide razor-sharp images day and night thanks to infra-red technology, which also prevents light pollution. We have a suitable solution for each and every location.

All cameras are linked to the Kooi Alarm Center, where our specialists keep a close watch. The loudspeaker we mentioned above, in combination with the built-in siren, is a surprisingly effective weapon. Most burglars will take off immediately when they realise we have them in our sight.

If desired, we deliver the UFO with the necessary power supply system. This could be a Powerbox or Solar Power Unit.

4: Beware of the festering hazards

This tip is particularly important for waste processing operations. Piles of waste can fester and heat up, resulting in a fire. This can cause heat stress in the middle of winter. Festering hazards are easy to combat with our RED (Rising Early Detection) unit, an advanced thermal imaging camera.

These units are also linked to the Kooi Alarm Center. What happens if the temperature rises to undesirably high values? When that happens, we’ll immediately initiate the right follow-up procedures!

5: Celebrate a stress-free Christmas!

Would you like to enjoy this year’s Christmas dinner stress-free and undisturbed? You’ll have everything under control with our temporary mobile camera security and the Kooi Alarm Center. We also don’t charge additional fees for alarm follow-ups, such as calling the police and sending out security personnel. And did you know that there’s an additional advantage to professional camera security? This is an important condition for many insurers when paying out claims.


Would you like to know how we can secure your site? If so, contact Kooi now. We would be happy to offer you free, obligation-free advice. 

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