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Prevent fires with rising early detection

An unusual rise in temperature can result in a lot of damage. With our innovative RED: rising early detection you can prevent fires from igniting. This solution is especially suitable in areas with a significant risk of heating and fire, like the waste treatment process in the United Kingdom.

The RED has a rotatable camera that monitors the temperature of your premise 24/7. A notification is send to our Kooi Alarm Center when the temperature rises above the set value. If necessary, the security specialists take appropriate measures to avoid a fire form destroying your belongings. Most of the time there is no need to call the fire brigade.

The 360 ̊ range of the thermal camera enables us to cover an area up to 70.000m2. Moreover, you get access to a portal in which you can monitor the temperature profile of your property. Feel free to call us! Our specialists will happily provide you with more information about rising early detection.

Prevent fires with Rising Early detection
Prevent fires with RED

Why is the rising early detection necessary to prevent fires?

When the temperature rises, the risk of fire increases. Our rising early detection is mostly used for the fire detection of waste management sites. These places contain many flammable materials and heavy installations, resulting in waste-related fires. This can not only cause a lot of damage to your property, it is also bad for the environment.

In recent years, the danger has increased due to the growing use of lithium-ion batteries that end up in the garbage. A fire is a serious risk for your property, but it can also harm the people in the vincity. In the event of a fire harmful substances and smoke are created that can be inhaled by the local community. When the owner hasn’t taken proper security measures, this can result in costly legal processes and fines. Do you want to know more about the costs of the RED? Feel free to request a free quote.

What are the benefits temperature monitoring systems?

The RED is not just another fire alarm. The innovative temperature monitoring technique makes it better! Scalding is a common issue for waste processing facilities. Our technology offers many advantages over other fire prevention systems, such as:

  • Easy instalment, due to mobile or fixed placement;
  • 360 degree camera with a range up to 70.000 m2;
  • Detection per zone, based on trend analysis;
  • 24/7 temperature monitoring with our Kooi Alarm Center;
  • The portal with live footage and graphs;
  • Wireless connection;
  • Immediate action is taken if needed.

A great advantage is the flexibility of the thermal camera systems. They can be placed anywhere. Therefore you always have a good overview of your property. Request a free security check to determine the needs of your premise.

Benefits of the RED Temperature monitoring system
RED is connected to the Kooi Alarm Center

The RED temperature monitoring is connected to the Kooi Alarm Center

A proper connection is needed to make it possible for us to act in time. The RED temperature monitoring cameras are connected to our own CCTV monitoring with a 4G wireless connection. The control room is managed by our security specialists, that monitor the temperature throughout the day. They will contact the fire brigade immediately if needed.

Your security system needs a power supply to function properly. That’s why we offer three supporting products when the system cannot be connected to the mains. You can choose for our aggregate, the power box. A environment friendly alternative is the Solar Power box, that functions on sunlight. Finally we offer the Hybrid power box, which is a combination of the two energy sources. We are happy to map out your specific power needs to offer you a tailor made solution.

We offer high quality fire prevention with Rising Early Detection

Our technology to detect rising early is one of a kind. You won’t receive an alarm when a fire is already burning, but the notification will be sent before a fire has the opportunity to ignite. This is possible due to the trend analysis of the temperature, so that any irregularity can be detected. With the RED you can prevent fire in a cost efficient way.

Kooi originates in the Netherlands, but we’ve expanded our services throughout Europe and the United Kingdom. You can profit from our security system in Germany, France, Spain, and the Scandinavian Countries. Let us inform you about the opportunities and costs and request a non-binding offer about Rising Early Detection.

High quality fire prevention

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