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Why do you need a

temperature monitoring system?

Kooi works with an advanced temperature monitoring system. This system bears the name RED, which stands for Rising Early Detection. The RED is widely used by companies in various industries. A perfect example are waste processing facilities. Here, the temperature of the waste can fluctuate, resulting in a fire hazard.

Prevention is crucial; our wireless temperature monitoring system detects a rise in temperature, before everything escalates. Want to know more? Our security specialist will gladly provide you with more information on our temperature monitoring system. Feel free to give us a call. You can, of course, also fill in the contact form below.

Benefits of a temperature monitoring system

Fogging is common issue for waste processing facilities. Our temperature monitoring systems offer many benefits. We mention the most important ones below:

  • 24/7 monitoring; you can log in and view the current situation
  • Our thermal cameras are of the highest quality
  • Available in multiple setups: mobile or fixed
  • It is possible to detect each zone
  • Every temperature monitoring device is connected to our Alarm Center



Specialized in wireless temperature monitoring devices

Our temperature monitoring system is built for the purpose of preventing fire. The waste processing sector deals with such events regularly. Overheating in piles of waste is a common threat. Our wireless temperature monitoring device uses quality thermographic cameras, which enable us to react in time. These cameras bear the name ‘heat cameras’, ‘thermal imagery devices’ and ‘thermal cameras’.

Our temperature monitoring system works on the basis of trend analysis. When a sudden rise in temperature occurs, our rotating thermal cameras (each device has a 360 degree range) will detect the irregularity, after which the system will sound the alarm. Our Kooi Alarm Center will be notified immediately.

Want to know more? Feel free to give us a call and request a quote for our temperature monitoring system!


Tailor-made temperature monitoring approach

When it comes to our temperature monitoring solutions, we will happily accommodate you as much as possible. Everything starts with a protocol. After that, we will implement our wireless temperature monitoring system and respond timely to any irregularities. Unburdening you is one of our priorities. We will secure and monitoring everything 24/7, so you can focus on your business.

The Red is a temperature monitoring device with many functionalities. Take for example the mobile or fixed setup. Furthermore, the device is equipped with hybrid, environmentally friendly energy system. Concerning the power supply, we can take care of this, but using wireless internet is also an option.


Wireless temperature monitoring device, connected to the Alarm Center

The Rising Early Detection temperature monitoring system is connected to our own Kooi Alarm Center by way of a 4G connection. The center is packed with seasoned security specialists, who monitor you site 24/7. When an irregularity occurs, they will act accordingly, by deploying firemen.

Due to the technical superiority of our wireless temperature monitoring devices, every increase in temperature can be monitored precisely. This is how we prevent the unnecessary deployment of firemen. Besides, you can use our system to monitor the temperature yourself. You will receive a personal login code, that you can use 24/7 to view the current situation.


Ask a quote for our temperature monitoring system

Do you want to know more about our temperature monitoring devices? Feel free to give us a call. Our security specialists will gladly inform you on the matter. We can proceed with a free security check, followed up by an advisory report.

If a quote for temperature monitoring system is what you are looking for, we recommend you fill in the contact form below as detailed as possible, so we can provide you with a price indication.

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