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Solar energy

Secure your solar park with mobile camera surveillance

Sustainability lies at the core of building a sustainable future. Sustainable solar energy generation forms an integral part of this. Good security is often required when building solar parks.

Solar panels, construction machinery and tools are extremely prone to theft and vandalism. And there can be nothing more infuriating than arriving at your solar park in the morning to discover your solar panels have been stolen. Besides costing a lot of money to replace everything, it’s also extremely frustrating and can delay the solar park’s construction process. We provide you with the assurance of preventive security and ensure that trespassers are kept off your solar farm.

Flexible and cost-saving solutions

Our mobile security cameras keep your solar park safe 24/7. Solar parks are often extensive and so they require thorough planning. Our camera systems are flexible and can (literally) move with your project as it develops. Together with many years of experience in the industry, we can offer you comprehensive solutions for your solar farm.

Because our mobile camera systems have a large detection field, we are able to provide you with optimal security using fewer cameras. Moreover, we can adjust the number of cameras as your needs change. Furthermore, our security cameras are powered by their own sustainable energy source (Solar Power Unit), so your solar park can be optimally secured at any location, whether remote or not. Any incident that our Kooi Alarm Centre detects will be followed up with an appropriate response free of charge.

You are assured of

24/7 surveillance
24/7 surveillance
Kooi Alarm Center
Kooi Alarm Center
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Plug & Play
Inhouse engineering
Inhouse engineering
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