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Innovative fire detection to ensure a very early warning on rising temperatures

Fire detection prevents your building from being destroyed by heat. This type of security is particularly important in waste processing or large-scale laundry facilities. The risk of fire increases when the heat rises in places with combustible substances.

In contrary to the traditional systems, we provide very early fire detection that spots the fire before spreading. Our advanced thermographic cameras continuously monitor the temperature of your property. This makes it possible to detect hot spots before they ignite. A notification will be sent to our Kooi Alarm Center when our systems detects a raise in the temperature. This allows us to intervene in time in the event of a fire hazard. Feel free to contact us if you want to know more about our fire alarm monitoring.

Innovative fire detection
Fire Detection System

How does our early fire detection system discover fire before ignition?

Our automatic early fire detection system makes it possible to prevent fires before it will cause damage to your property. We’ve developed an innovative way to minimalize the risk of heating: RED. This abbreviation stands for Rising Early Detection, a system with thermal imaging cameras. This state-of-the-art solution has a 360° view.

We install one or more rotational thermal cameras. Our fire alarm monitoring works with trend analysis. A good trend line identifies the threats of your sector, because it shows you abnormalities. When the system discovers an atypical rise in temperature, an alarm sends a very early warning to the CCTV monitoring at the Kooi Alarm Center. Do you want to know more about the costs of an automatic fire detection and alarm system? Get a free quotation and discover your personal solution.

4G wireless connection to our own fire alarm monitoring

When you invest in a fire alarm monitoring system you want to be assured of a stable connection to the emergency room. The thermal imaging cameras are connected to the Kooi alarm center with a 4G wireless connection, which ensures a high reliability.

The security specialists receive a very early warning. Fire detection of Kooi measures the temperature of all waste flows is continuously, which enables a rapid response to temperature rises. This solution is cost-efficient, because the accuracy of our equipment prevents false alarms. Besides, the fire department is only contacted when necessary. An additional advantage of the system is the personal portal in which you can watch the live camera footage of your property. We provide you with your own login code. When you’re interested in rapid fire detection, you can fill in our contact form.

Wireless connection to fire alarm monitoring
Tailor-made detection plan for early fire

Tailor-made plan for very early warning fire detection system

We do not offer a universal solution to prevent heating, but we aim to provide you with a tailor-made plan for an automatic very early warning fire detection system. We try to match your wishes as much as possible. That’s why we draw up a protocol before you start working with us.

In this plan we write down the made agreements, for example the temperature at which the alarm is triggered, or the needed power. If desired, we can provide you with a compatible energy source for fire alarm monitoring, like our power box that generates enough power. The solar power unit is an environmental friendly source that operates on sunlight. You can also select a combination of the two devices, with our hybrid power box. You can request a quotation if you want to know more about the costs of very early fire detection.

Why should you invest in proper security solutions?

Most entrepreneurs underestimate the hazard of heating, while it can cause a lot of damage to your property and your belongings. With our security solution, you’re assured that any suspicious rise in temperature will be noticed in time.

These are the main reasons to choose the automatic fire detection of Kooi:

  • high-quality thermal camera system;
  • 24/7 wireless 4G connection with the Kooi Alarm Center;
  • live camera footage through your personal portal;
  • Multiple setups possible: fixed or mobile placement;
  • detection of different zones.

You can detect fire early by investing in a proper security solution. Feel free to give us a call, because we’re happy to tell you more about the benefits.

Invest in proper security solutions
Save money with early detection of fire

Secure empty property and get insurance

Our very early fire detection system will continue to minimize the need of traditional security. Our technology is not only more efficient, but you will also save money on security guards. You won’t need to worry about fire hazards anymore with our security systems. Our security personnel takes care of any unwanted temperature changes.

We understand the need for a personal safety plan to detect fire before it ignites. That’s why we provide a cost-efficient service, that’s tailored for your property. It’s important to cover the weak spots of your building. Request a free safety check to determine which type of cost-efficient fire detection system is needed to secure your domain.

Frequently asked questions


Is the security solution frequently checked?

We are responsible for the maintenance of your security systems. Our specialists will check the operation regularly. Moreover, we guarantee a constant 4G connection to our emergency centre.

What are the costs of fire alarm monitoring?

We have to preform a security check to determine your need of security. The costs depend on the number of cameras that need to be installed. Direct follow-up and a free user portal are included in our cost-efficient service.

Do I need an automatic fire detection system?

Waste disposals, large-scale laundry facilities and other large buildings that contain combustible substances have a great risk for fire. With a proper automatic fire detection, you can prevent damage to your belongings. We provide 24/7 security, with high-quality surveillance.

Is my property protected from other incidents, like theft?

Our early warning fire detection system is specially designed to detect heating before it gets the chance to ignite. When you want a security system that prevents other unwanted situations, like theft or vandalism, you can choose our CCTV Tower.

What happens if a fire ignites?

When an very early fire is detected by our security system, an automatic alarm will be sent to the Kooi Alarm Center, which is manned by security specialists 24/7. They will only call the fire department when there is no other option.

Is it possible to move the thermal cameras?

You want the best coverage of your property. That’s why we provide multiple setups. You can choose fixed or mobile placement. If necessary, you can use a suitable power source to make sure you have a sufficient energy supply for your fire detection.

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