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Why do you need site security?

Are you looking for a specialist in the field of site security?

You have come to the right place! Our site security systems keep countless sites secured, through the use of advanced security cameras.

The cameras enable our security personnel to keep an eye on your site 24/7. Whenever an incident occurs, they will act accordingly. Theft and vandalism should be avoided at all costs; give us a call and request a no-obligation consultation. If a quote for site security is what you are looking for, we recommend you fill in the contact form below!

why do you need site security
Professional site security with UFO

Professional site security

The best way to keep you site secured is through the use of professional security equipment.

We use state-of-the-art security cameras. These are called UFO’s, which stands for Unit For Observation. Each camera has a sharp eye and enables our security specialist over at the Alarm Center to properly assess each and every situation.

When an incident occurs, our specialist will activate the sirens and loudspeakers. In most cases, this will scare the intruders away. However, if an intruder refuses to leave your site, we will take care of the follow-up procedure. This means that we will call-in security personnel or the police. You will never have to pay extra for this, since it is included as standard in the rates of our site security services.

Your site 24/7 connected to the Alarm Center

When it comes to securing your site, we use state-of-the-art security cameras.

The clear and crisp images are additional to the infrared functionalities, that allow our security personnel to monitor everything, day and night. Furthermore, our security cameras have a range of 30.000 m2, which makes them ideal for even the largest sites.

Every camera is connected via a 4G connection to our own Kooi Alarm Center, which is packed with seasoned professionals. Every suspicious activity is monitored. When action is required, our security specialists will act accordingly.

Another advanced security solution is the RED (Rising Early Detection), which is available in mobile as well as fixed configurations. The RED is a special security camera, capable of detecting scalding. The same rules apply as for the UFO’s. The RED is connected to the Alarm Center via 4G, which enables us to react quickly in the event of a fire hazard.

site security cameras connected to Kooi Alarm Center
securing your site cost efficiently

Cost-efficiently securing your site

Some companies employ security guards. This, however, is a very expensive and superfluous solution.

Our sirens and loudspeakers have proven sufficient in most cases. There is little chance that an intruder refuses to leave, after we have activated both.

Due to the effectiveness of our site security systems, we keep the prices of our services relatively low. And if the unlikely scenario occurs, and a malicious party refuses to leave, our specialists will call-in security or even the police. This will not influence the weekly rate of our site security services.

Do you want to receive more information about our working methods? Or are you interested in a free security check? In both cases, we recommend you give us a call!

Flexible site security solutions

The set-up of a construction site is constantly changing.

This is why we use flexible site security cameras, which can be moved easily to a different location. The importance of this cannot be stressed enough, because malicious parties are always on the lookout. This way, our security personnel over at the Kooi Alarm Center can monitor everything. Nothing goes unnoticed. Whenever something unusual occurs, we will act accordingly.

Flexible site security solutions
Properly insured with Kooi site security

Properly insured in the case of an incident

With our site security, your terrain and belonging will be secured, 24/7.

Furthermore, when an incident occurs, the presence of a professional security system is the determining factor for insurers. A company that does not have any type of security will not be compensated at all.

The reason for this is that insurance companies make demands on the way companies secure their sites. A couple of fences are not enough. However, when there are multiple advanced security cameras present that have captured the intruders, it is very feasible that you will be compensated. Our specialist can inform you on the matter and present you with possible solutions. Feel free to give us a call!

We are specialized in advanced site security systems

As a company, the ideal scenario would be to fully focus on your core business.

We will gladly help you with this transition. Everything starts with a no-obligation consultation, followed up by an advisory report and a professional and efficient installation. Once your security equipment is up and running, our security personnel will be able to keep an eye on your site 24/7. Needless to say, this will take away a lot of stress and will most likely lead to a well-deserved night’s sleep.

Do you want to receive more information? We recommend you fill in the contact form below, or give us a call. We will gladly inform you on our site security cameras and services, so that you can make an informed decision.

advanced terrain security systems

FAQs about site security

What does it cost to have your job site professionally secured?

The costs of our site security services depend on multiple factors. A couple of examples are the type of security and the size of the terrain.


Can our site security cameras cause inconvenience?

Our cameras have infrared functionalities, which means that there is no light nuisance.


Are the security systems suitable for every site?

Our site security cameras cannot work without a power source. However, there are many alternatives for this besides a regular power supply. Two examples are a Power Box and a Solar Power Unit. The security equipment is wirelessly connected to the power station, which makes it suitable for almost every terrain.


Can I move the security cameras?

Moving the site security cameras is always an option. We work with wireless plug- and play- security system, which can be moved quickly and easily.


Will I receive detailed reports?

After an incident, we will make sure that you receive a detailed report. When it comes to client that use The RED, they will be able to watch the event live.


Will I ever have to pay extra for the follow-up procedure?

With follow-up we mean security or police involvement. We can answer this question briefly: you will never have to pay extra for the follow-up procedure, since everything is included as standard is the rates of our site security services.

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Advice and site support
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for remote video monitoring

Are you curious about what our high-quality remote video monitoring can do for your company? Not a single site or company is the same. Therefore we are offering custom-made security solutions. We will inspect your situation, before we provide you with an advanced video surveillance system.

If you are interested in the projects that we have executed and currently are executing? Then you can take a look at a few of our cases that we have described in detail on our website. This will give you a clear and broad overview of our knowledge and expertise.

Chances are that our innovative systems and techniques can also be of value to your company. Thanks to our (cost) efficient working methods, we will keep your site secured 24/7, at a competitive rate. Feel free to ask for a no-obligation consultation, or let us provide you with a quotation for 24/7 remote video monitoring.

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