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Solar farm security to protect your property

The UK has invested a lot in green energy over the last years. However, this entails new risks that requires solid solar farm security. Our advanced solutions put an end to trespassers, damage and theft.

Everyone can install a security system on their solar farm, but there is a great difference in the effectiveness. We provide 24/7 remote monitoring with an innovative CCTV system. Solar panels are often installed in distant areas and they spread out over a large surfaces. Our solution is less expensive than traditional guarding systems. Moreover, our mobile and rapid deployable security devices can be fully configured within one hour. Do you want more information about the best way to protect your property? Request a meeting with our staff about solar farm security.


solid solar farm security
invest in solar plant security

Why should you invest in solar plant security

There are several reasons why you should invest in solar plant security. Because the sites can often be found in a remote area, there is little chance that passers-by notify the emergency services.

In addition, the solar panels are often widely spread over a large area of land, so you need several security guards to cover the solar farm. Therefore it’s very expensive to call in security guards who must be present at all times.

Our solar farm security system is not just technology. Behind every camera unit is a competent security specialist who is trained to handle the situation in the right way. We install innovative devices to secure your solar plant from remote. In order to determine your security needs, Kooi performs a free security check.

Solar farm security camera with infrared technology

The environment in which the solar farms are situated are usually not well lit. Normal camera systems can’t spot intruders in the dark, because the lack of night vision. That’s why we equipped our CCTV Tower with infrared technology to guarantee effective and reliable footage day and night.

An additional advantage of our solar farm security is that no light is needed on the solar farm. This way you won’t have to worry about light pollution at a location away from well-lit areas. We can install one or more security solutions in order to deter unwanted guests. Feel free to ask more information about the costs of our security cameras for solar farms.

solar farm security cameras
Solar farm CCTV monitoring

Solar farm cctv monitoring for 24/7 security

Most of the time a visible security solution can act as anti-theft prevention, because intruders are deterred by the image of an alarm system. However, this is not enough to completely reduce the problem. Direct follow-up is necessary to actively combat theft and destruction from happening to your solar panels.

That’s why we offer professional 24/7 CCTV monitoring from our own PAC-certified Kooi Alarm Center. Our solar farm security cameras do not only record, but they are equipped with a built-in speaker, alarm and light. The centralists can activate this systems from remote, what is proven to be sufficient to deter unwanted guests. Moreover the footage can be used for identification, evidence for prosecution and insurance issues. If you want to know more about our services, you can request a meeting with our team.

What are the benefits of a protected solar farm?

An unprotected solar farm faces several threats. The most common risk is theft of the panels, because they can be resold against high prices. Without a security system the perpetrators are long gone before they are detected.

Of course, our system offers several other benefits, such as:

  • Direct connection to the alarm center;
  • Built-in audio warning;
  • No additional costs for follow-up;
  • Infrared technology;
  • 24/7 manned security;
  • Maintenance and installation are included;
  • Fixed prices

A lot of entrepreneurs expect temporary mobile security systems to be more expensive than traditional guarding. The many advantages and the lower costs make this solar farm security solution a suitable investment. Give us a call to request more information about the costs.


benefits of a protected solar farm
Kooi secures your solar farm

Choose Kooi to secure your solar farm

Our service has proven itself to be a cost-efficient and effective anti-theft prevention system. With our high-quality equipment the need of manpowered guards decreases.

Although our resources are cheaper, you will never compromise on the quality of our solar farm security. Our security systems are available throughout Europe. We’ve expanded our services in more than 20 countries, with offices in Germany, France, the UK, Spain and Scandinavia. If you’re interested in our solutions, feel free to request a non-binding offer about solar farm security.


Frequently asked questions


What are the costs to secure your solar farm?

We cannot give you a fixed amount in which we can fix the costs of solar park security. The expenses depend on several factors, like the size of your terrain or the amount of units you need. To give you an indication about the costs, we will carry out a security check to determine the needs of your property.

What kind of security system is sufficient for my solar plant?

Our high-quality Units for observation are a great choice to secure your site. The main reason for security is to prevent the theft of solar panels. Kooi also offers an innovative fire detection system, better known as the RED: Rising Early Detection. This solution is used to guard places with a high risk of fire, like the waste disposal.

How is the camera system connected to the Kooi Alarm Center?

To ensure a reliable connection to the emergency center, we’ve equipped our camera systems with a 4g wireless connection.

Do the camera towers have a permanent location?

We install the solution on the best possible location to ensure the complete coverage of your solar farm. If the site changes or you want a different location for your CCTV Tower, it is possible to move the unit. We offer external power sources to provide the devices with a sufficient amount of energy, such as the solar power unit, power box and hybrid power box. That’s why our security system can be placed on every conceivable terrain.

Is solar farm security a good investment?

Solar farms without the proper security systems are at high risk for theft. A panel is an expensive investment and it costs a lot of money to replace it. You can invest in traditional guarding systems, but this will be more expensive and less effective than our solutions.

What happens when someone tries to enter the premise?

When a trespasser tries to gain excess to your solar farm, they will be detected by our security solutions. At that moment a notification is sent to our PAC-Certified alarm center. The centralists assess the level of risks and act accordingly. They will try to deter the intruders with the built-in light, alarm and speakers. When this isn’t sufficient, they will contact the emergency services. This is included in our service for solar farm security.

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