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Solar Power Unit

An economical 100% green solution

The Solar Power Unit is a 100% sustainable solution if your project does not have the necessary power supply. During the right weather conditions, the UFO will work completely autonomously by the Solar Power Unit.

Tailor-made solution

No power supply available? Then the Solar Power Unit is the right solution. By using the solar energy supply, you will have a 100% green and sustainable solution during the right weather conditions. The panels can be folded in and out, so transport is easy. The Solar Power Unit and the UFO are connected by using a cable. 

This makes the Solar Power Unit unique

  • 100% environmentally-friendly and green power supply
  • Suitable for UFO Prime and Medium
  • Measurements 1.60 x 0.90 x 1.50 (lxbxh)
  • Weight 325 kg
  • Three solar panels¬†

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