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Unit For Observation

Innovative camera surveillance with immediate response

With UFO (Unit For Observation), Kooi offers a temporary and innovative mobile camera surveillance system. UFO makes surveillance and burglary prevention easier and more reliable than ever. Each UFO installation has an integrated camera and detection system connected to the Kooi Alarm Center. Our alarm center can monitor and detect suspicious movement on your premises 24/7 and can immediately take appropriate action if necessary.

Direct link with Kooi Alarm Center

UFO is linked wirelessly to our 24/7-manned and certified Private Alarm Center (PAC). Any suspicious movement is detected and generates a report in the alarm center. We can immediately respond by sounding a siren or playing a voice message through a loudspeaker. We will also dispatch a security unit or call the police if necessary, all free of charge. Of course, we also provide detailed and transparent surveillance and analysis reports.

A safe and undisturbed night’s sleep

Our years of knowledge, trained people and innovative technology mean you can rely on our effective response. At Kooi, we don’t waste time on slow-torespond physical manpower. To prevent any theft and damage, our alarm center will immediately sound a loud siren or voice message telling unwanted persons to leave your premises. We will also dispatch security or call the police, if necessary. So that you can sleep peacefully, and can focus on your work.

Tailor-made solution

We individually analyse each situation to see which UFO is the best solution for each location and project. For example, is your project a large project? Then we can offer you multiple systems that complement each other. We can clearly identify your specific needs and can therefore always offer you a tailor-made solution.

Different variants

Each UFO is as standard equipped with an excellent camera, a large battery pack and advanced technology. We offer a wide range of different products.

This makes the UFO system unique:

  • Immediate response using siren / loudspeaker via Kooi Alarm Center
  • Response cost of police and security always included
  • Large battery packs
  • Wide selection of different products
  • Detailed incident reports
  • Extremely mobile (flexibility)

You are assured of

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